Jump Start Car Battery Service & Car Battery Replacement


Jump Start Car Battery Service & Car Battery Replacement – Important tips to jump start your car : 9160673696                                        

1) Must have to match the vehicle battery and battery for jump-starting have the same declared voltage (Example 12V)

2) Turn off all electrical loads..Example Lights and other load if any.

3) Vehicle gear should be in neutral position.

4) Need to check Vehicle cables are not frayed or damaged.

Now carry out the following simple steps in sequence to start a Vehicle or Jump Start Vehicle:

Connect the positive (+) terminal of jump-starting battery to the positive (+) terminal of the stalled car battery – on negative grounded system.

Connect one end of the other cable to the negative (-) terminal of the booster battery.

Connect the other cable away from the battery, to the engine block or car frame of the vehicle to be started.

Make sure cables are away from other parts of vehicle any movable.

After starting, remove cables in reverse order, starting with one connected to engine block or car frame.

Still if vehicle does not start within 30 seconds or in below 1 minute, then you call an auto electrician to check all things in proper manner.

Note: It’s only few tricks to start the vehicle for more details you can call to your vehicle manufacturer guidance or follow auto electrician guidance. Until you won’t know anything doesn’t take risk.

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How to care for your car battery – 9160004772, 9160673696

Follow some of the necessary steps while installing the car battery

Step 1: Clean the cables
Clean corrosion from the battery

Step 2: Check the level of the electrolyte
Add water to fill holes, if necessary

Step 3: Check the condition and charge of the battery
Test the electrolyte in each cell with a hydrometer

Step 4: To drop in the new battery first remove the cables
Disconnecting negative cable first

Step 5: Replace the battery
Lifting out old battery

Step 6: Reinstall the clamp and cables
Connecting hold-down clamp

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