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OKAYA – DigiPower Battery

OKAYA has been a symbol of trust and quality for years making it a pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry. It produces a wide range of batteries, suitable for all kinds of application, with a very diverse product category viz. Tubular Battery- Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, and E-Rickshaw Battery. It is the sole manufacturer of 100% Tubular Batteries, which is considered as best for power back up needs, used both in Inverter and Solar Batteries.

DigiPower is known as the most powerful tubular inverter battery brand. DigiPower offers tubular inverter batteries ranging from 140AH to 200AH. These batteries are not only powerful but highly reliable as they come with a minimum warranty of 36 (18+18) months. You get up to 48 (36+12) months warranty on some of their HADI Tubular batteries.


DigiPower Inverter Inverter Batteries

  • OKAYA SMF/VRLA Batteries
  • OKAYA Automotive Batteries
  • OKAYA Solar Batteries
  • OKAYA E-Rickshaw Batteries
  • OKAYA Lithium Batteries
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